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Alpha Tester

Alpha Tester

The Alpha Tester badge is adorned by those who joined us in the final, crucial phase of testing. Your keen eye and constructive feedback have been instrumental in refining our products, ensuring they are polished, perfected, and ready to make waves in the wellness...
Beta Tester

Beta Tester

As a holder of the esteemed Beta Tester badge, you’ve been an integral part of our journey from the start. Your invaluable feedback and insights have helped shape our offerings, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and...

Galactic Guardian of Health

A cosmic leap with 1,000 credits! Galactic Guardian, you’re not just purchasing waves; you’re launching your clients into galaxies of optimal health.

Wellness Wizard

Magical! 500 credits transformed into wellness wonders for your clients. Wellness Wizard, you’re crafting magical health journeys with every credit.

Centurion of Wellness

A centurion stand! With 100 credits, you’ve unlocked a realm of wellness offerings, each selected to cater to your client’s unique health needs.

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