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Unleash the power of the Lambda System, tap into patented technology, and immerse in transformative Bio-Tuning®.

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Take control with the Lambda System

Skye Collective’s Lambda System, developed by Dr. Thompson, offers an innovative approach to monitoring the Autonomic Nervous System and advancing stress reduction through brainwave entrainment techniques. It’s time to take control of your wellness.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A.,

Sound Healing Pioneer

Dr. Thompson, a chiropractic expert and sound science pioneer, has significantly shaped holistic health. His creation, the Lambda System, is central to Skye Collective’s offerings and his therapeutic audio programs are globally celebrated.

An esteemed educator, he shares his innovative techniques through Skye Collective and collaborates with figures like Deepak Chopra. His influence, recognized in media outlets including the Heal Documentary, continues to resonate in holistic health.


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