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ALPHA TESTERS: Join the Alpha Testing Collective Today!

Test our exciting new Lambda system and contribute valuable feedback for the software, website, and training program.

Gain The Benefits of an

Alpha Tester

You’ll be rewarded with:

Alpha Tester Badge

You’ll receive an exclusive Alpha Tester badge in our discord and on the website.

Video Certification Course

A comprehensive self-paced video training course, which you’ll help to beta test will be available to you free of charge ($500 value)

Discounted Price

By joining the early alpha program, you’ll not only have access to the system early, you’ll get a discounted price ($500 value), as well as 15 Skye Credits to get you started ($1,275 value).

Elevate Your Stress Management to Unparalleled Heights

The Lambda Software is built with the practitioner in mind to help you experience a seemless collection

Lambda users get access to:

  • Tools to capture a person’s fundamental frequency (aka ‘biotone’)
  • Access to Skye Collective’s unbeatable state-of-the-art binaural entrainment studio engineers
  • Top quality binaural music, hand-crafted for your clients needs
  • A comprehensive self-paced video training certification course
  • A private Discord community
  • Periodic Q&A’s With Dr. Thompson