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Advancing Digital Health Technologies

If you are managing a chronic illness, determining what illness you may have, want to stay healthy or improve your health, the Body Health Analyzer may be for you!

Binacor LLC is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first system capable of assessing an individual’s health state, chronic illness progression, and stress levels. Now you can measure and track the impact on your body from medications, diet, exercise, supplements, and stress, in most cases long before you can actually feel them. The Body Health Analyzer also provides the leading breathwork biofeedback chronic stress reduction program helping not only to relax and calm but lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, improve the immune system, improve brain health, digestion, and many other positive effects.


Body Health Analyzer is a new high-quality instrument designed for professionals and home users to assess, track and manage health with ease.

Body Health Analyzer is based on years of science behind Heart Rate Variability combined with a new artificial intelligence capability to evaluate health state, chronic disease progression, manage stress, and much more.

Using medical-grade sensors allows the Body Health Analyzer to read health-related metrics with high accuracy in a simple non-obtrusive way.



We have been leading developers of HRV and related technology since the 90’s

The Binacor team has been focused on developing new technologies based on heart rate variability analysis for the past two decades. Now we’re bringing our newest advancements to market to help people with chronic illnesses improve their quality of life, weight loss programs be far more effective, and fitness buffs and athletes to improve their workouts and training regimens.

Chronic Illness

The world’s first true health state analysis and chronic illness tracking solution.


There are over 20,000 studies in PubMed validating Heart Rate Variability analysis.

HIPAA Compliant

Developing a secure HIPAA cloud-based database solution to protect client data.

Taking A Health Test

Taking A Health Test Before And After Treatments


In this report, we present typical results from testing a healthy individual after a restful night's sleep. It outlines key parameters: 'Adaptation Strain' (effort to maintain homeostasis), 'Adaptation Resource' (body's physiological reserves), and 'Adaptation Index' (depicting one of four adaptation states: normal, hindered, insufficient, or failure).

In this report, we see the results of a pair of Pre/Post health tests taken before and after a 5-min deep breathing exercise. All key HRV metrics show improvements indicating a shift toward the prevalence of the parasympathetic regulatory activity as an expected effect of the deep breathing.

In this report we see significant improvement in all key HRV metrics reflecting the autonomic nervous system function (Stress Index, Vagal Index, HRV Index, and Autonomic Balance) since the previous health test taken yesterday. Both tests were taken in the morning. The last test was taken after a restful night’s sleep.

In this report, we can see the effect of a 50-minute hill climb and quick descent on a mountain bike. A pair of Pre/Post health tests were taken before and immediately after the exercise. All key HRV metrics show a significant shift to dominance of the sympathetic regulation as a normal response of the body to the strong physical exertion.

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